Suyang lead the new electrical high-tech industry model of China.

Operation innovation

keep up with the time ,seize the opportunity, bold innovation, and constantly create and update the concept of innovation

humanism management

Force on the base of establishment of a win-win goal between the collective interests of employees and enterprises , through a reasonable design organization, process, assessment system,meanwhile, in compliance with the premise of corporate values, maximum to meet the requirements of human management.

Technical guidance

Provide a safe, simple, efficient solution, combine innovative technology, products, services together, thereby to enhancing a higher value, unique solution to match customer needs


We’re sincerely invite you to visit our factory, to know more about our production equipments, products quality and corporate culture. In exchange we would like to visit you if we have this opportunity , I believe that after the establishment of cooperation and trust, we could go further. .

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Service process

Pre-sale service:

1.Technical guidance

2. Selection recommendations

3.Drawing planning

4. Configuration quote

After-sale service:

1.Installation Guide

2.24 hours hotline

3.Equipment maintenance

4.Technical guidance





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